Diamond DA-42NG

Diamond DA-42NG

2017 Diamond DA42-VI N988DA

$450/Hour (Lower Package Rates Available)

Located at KCLW


The DA42 VI is the only true Multi-Engine Technologically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) with similar safe, advanced and efficient systems found on Turbo Prop, Jet Airliner or Business Aircraft.  It is the #1 Multi-Engine aircraft across the globe with its Jet A burning Diesel engines controlled by dual redundant Digital Computers with a Caution and Warning system.  N988DA includes the latest Garmin G1000 NXI avionics with GFC700 Integrated Flight Director, Synthetic Vision, Full Charts, actual Color Weather Radar and ADSB-In NEXRAD as well.  It also features air-conditioning, Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) system and cruises at 190 TAS all with the safe redundancy of twin engines over water or hazardous terrain. The plane truly sets the new standard for career minded professional bound aviators who need modern TAA/Glass Multi-engine time or  individuals seeking a modern twin moving up from advanced singles such as the Cirrus.

Equipment & Accessories

  • Twin 168 Horsepower Turbocharged & Intercooled Jet A/Diesel Engines
  • Single power lever FADEC controlled engines
  • EICAS aural and visual notification system
  • Air Conditioning
  • Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) System
  • Leather interior with fully adjustable seats
  • Highest safety record of any Light Twin


  • Garmin G1000 NXI with GFC 700 Integrated Flight Director & Autopilot
  • Dual WAAS GPS Receivers
  • Actual on-board Color Weather Radar
  • Synthetic Vision, Safe Taxi and enroute IFR/Sectional/Approach Charts
  • ADSB Out & IN as well as Avidyne Active Traffic System (TAS)

Cruise Speed 190 Knots

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