Robinson R44 Raven I

The R44 Raven I helicopter is the four seater version of the R22 with more weight capacity and is equipped with a bigger engine. The Lycoming engine is rated at 225 horsepower allowing the aircraft to have a maximum take off weight of 2,400 pounds. Our R44 Raven I has hydraulically boosted controls which reduce the feedback forces of the controls, giving it a smoother flight.

$500/Hour (rate includes fuel)
Commercial Rate $600/Hour

R44 Helicopter

2014 Robinson R44 N31UP
Home Base Identifier KCLW.
New aircraft recently ferried from the Robinson Helicopter Factory in Torrence, CA.
Hangered at KSPG.

Equipment & Accessories
• O-540, six cylinder, carbureted
• HP derated to 225 for takeoff and 205 continuous.
• Interior - Leather seats

• Garmin 420, Day VFR, not Instrument legal, data card currently needs update.

Weight & Balance
• Approx Empty weight 1437 lbs
• Max Gross Weight 2400 lbs
• Standard Fuel 29.5 gal
• Auxiliary Fuel 17.0 gals
• Cruise Speed up to 130 mph.

Cessna 162 Skycatcher

Get your license in half the time with all the fun! As a certified Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) you can get your sport pilots license in only 20 hours. N6000U is certified to fly night VFR as well, so it is a perfect airplane to train in for your Private Pilot License.

This 2011 Cessna Skycatcher features a glass cockpit (Garmin G300), Continental 0-200D engine, and will cruise around 105 knots!

Rate: $112 per hour (rate includes fuel)



Cessna 162

Cessna162 cockpit

Cessna 162 N6000U

Two seater, with a brand new interior. Glass panel G300.
Useful Load: 462.95 lbs.
Empty: 857.05 lbs.
Max Gross: 1,320 lbs.
ARM: 132.0464
Moment: 113170.3834
Fuel Capacity: 25 gallons total, 24 gallons useable

Equipment & Accessories
• Garmin SL 40 COM
• Garmin G300 Glass Panel
• Garmin GTX327 Transponder

• Night legal, but not equipped for instrument flight.
• TAS for flight planning: 110 knots.

1977 Piper Archer II

1977 Archer II
The Archer II is a great all around airplane. Perfect for flight training as well as taking a cross country trip.
This airplane has a Garmin 420 and is IFR certified. The Archer will cruise at approximately 115 knots and burns about 11 gallons per hour.

Rate: $128 per hour (rate includes fuel)


Archer II

Archer II cockpit

1977 Piper Archer PA-28-181

Nice looking interior, Full IFR equipped, Very good cruise speed with low fuel consumption. Great low wing trainer!
Useful Load: 1,009.61 lbs
Empty: 1,540.39 lbs.
Max Gross: 2,550 lbs.
ARM: 86.79
Moment: 133,696.90
Fuel Capacity: 50 gallons total, 48 gallons useable

Equipment & Accessories
• King KX-155A NAV/COMM
• Garmin GTX320A Transponder
• Garmin GNS-430 NAV/COMM/Enroute GPS
• Bendix/King KN64 DME

TAS for flight planning: 115 knots

Cessna 172R

1999 Cessna 172R
IFR Certified, KLN 89B
KAP 140 Autopilot

Rate: $135 per hour (rate includes fuel)





Cessna 172R

Cessna 172R cockpit

1999 Cessna 172R N2382R

Very clean aircraft with a Garmin 430W capabilit! Good interior, Great trainer for instrument currency!
Useful Load: 767.7 lbs.
Empty: 1,682.3 lbs.
Max Gross: 2,450 lbs.
ARM: 39.08
Moment: 65,749.35
Fuel Capacity: 56 gallons total, 53 gallons useable

Equipment & Accessories
Garmin GNS-430 NAV/COMM/Enroute GPS
• Shoulder harnesses
• 4 place intercom
• Autopilot can be coupled to Garmin 430
• Backup vacuum pump
• GoPro camera mount on top of the panel facing forward.

TAS for flight planning: 115 knots

1968 Cessna 172I

The Cessna 172 is a stable and reliable airplane that makes the perfect training aircraft! Ideal for VFR trips or just a couple laps around the pattern.

Rate: $98 per hour
(rate includes fuel)


Cessna 172

Cessna 172I - N702G
Very well maintained C172 with a new engine! Interior is in good shape. Very economical, only 8GPH! Great deal to get current.
Useful Load: 870 lbs.
Empty: 1,430 lbs.
Max Gross: 2,300 lbs.
ARM: 37.4
Moment: 53550.6
Fuel Capacity: 42 gallons total, 38 gallons useable

Equipment & Accessories
• Photo window and the pilot side door can be removed for aerial photography
• 40 degrees of flaps for a short-field landing
• GoPro mount on top of the panel facing forward
• It is night legal, but not instrument equipped

TAS for flight planning: 105 knots

Cessna 172M
N1576V is our new Cessna 172M (IFR), a stable and reliable airplane that makes the perfect training aircraft!

Rate: $125 per hour
(rate includes fuel)


Cessna 172M

1974 Cessna 172M - N1576V
This is a great economical IFR trainer. It offers a nice cruise speed with only a 8-9 gallon per hour fuel burn.
Useful Load: 862.98 lbs.
Empty: 1,437.02 lbs.
Max Gross: 2,300 lbs.
ARM: 39.19
Moment: 56,316.28
Fuel Capacity: 48 gallons

Equipment & Accessories
• King KX-155A NAV/COMM
• ARC RT-359A Transponder
• Bendix/King KLX 135 Enroute GPS

TAS for flight planning: 110 knots

1970 Cessna 310 Q

This Cessna 310Q is powered by two Continental 470s. Equipped with a Garmin 430, Garmin 560 and a Cessna 400 autopilot, this airplane is ready to take you on your next trip.

$350/hour wet. Block time available


Cessna 310Q

Cessna 1970 310Q N347DL
Continental 6-Cylinder, Fuel injection Engines, 260 Rated HP @ 2625 RPM. Well maintained, hangar kept.

• Garmin 430W
• MX385
• GTX330
• AutoPilot 400A
• King HSI
• Garmin Aera560
• GMA 340

Equipment & Accessories
• Vortex Generators
• Phone mount
• Prop de-ice/ Pitot

• Cover seats for pilot & copilot
• Leather seats
• Clean and very well maintained interior
• Reclinable seats

Weight & Balance
• Empty Weight: 3652 Lbs
• CG: 35.22
• Moment: 128623.44
• Useful Load: 1648 Lbs
• Gross Weight: 5300 Lbs

Cessna 172S

The 2006 Cessna 172S G1000 is IFR equipped with an integrated auto pilot and a Lycoming IO-360 engine. Enhance situational awareness with traffic and terrain awareness systems. Perfect for cross country and instrument training!

Rate: $165 per hour (rate includes fuel)

Cessna 172S

Cessna 172S N6012Z

coming soon.


Equipment & Accessories

More information... coming soon

Piper Cherokee

Piper Cherokee N9862W

Rate: $110 per hour (rate includes fuel)

Piper Cherokee

Piper Cherokee

coming soon.


Equipment & Accessories

More information... coming soon

Robinson R22 N335VH

The Robinson R-22 Beta II is known for being a safe and stable helicopter trainer. This helicopter has two seats and can cruise around 90 knots. While it cannot be used in actual instrument conditions, N335VH can be used as an instrument trainer.

Rate: $245 per hour (rate includes fuel)
Commercial rate $310/Hour


Robinson R22 N512GS

Rate: $245 per hour (rate includes fuel)
Commercial rate $310/Hour



R22 Helicopter Bk

R22 Helicopter Wt

R22 Helicopter Details

coming soon.


Equipment & Accessories

More information... coming soon



FlyIt Helicopter Simulator

The FlyIt simulator is an FAA approved helicopter simulator. This great training device can help students become more proficient in maneuvers at a reduced rate with almost ZERO operating costs. Emergency procedures and simulated instrument training can be performed in the simulator.

The entire helicopter simulator is supplied in an 18’ air conditioned trailer/classroom as a totally self-contained system, which eliminates the need for installation space.

The simulator is a two-seat, side-by-side cockpit with dual controls providing hands-on instruction for hovering and all flight maneuvering. A complete instrument panel is provided for visual and instrument training.

Rate: $90 per hour

FlyIt Simulator

FlyIt Simulator
Simulator is FAA approved as a generic instrument trainer. The cockpit size and structure is dimensionally similar to the MD 500/Bell 206 and comes standard with flight models for the MD 500, Bell 206, Bell 407, Schweizer 300, Enstrom 280 FX, Robinson R22, R44, and AS350 B2. All turbines have accurate turbine start and shut down. Hot starts and all other failures can be initiated by the instructor from the instructor’s hand held fault box from in the cockpit, at the instructor’s desk or standing behind the cockpit.

All switches and controls are hard mounted and replicate size, shape, color and location of those in the real aircraft.

The software provides an accurate flight-model including translational lift, ground effect, torque, auto-rotation, etc. Over 24,000 airports and all navigation aids are available.Standard and user-definable VFR and IFR weather conditions are included.

As a standard feature you can select instrument panels configured to replicate MD, Bell, Robinson, Enstrom and Schweizer model helicopters. Custom panels and cockpits are available as additions.

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