Robinson R44 Raven I

The R44 Raven I helicopter is a four seat helicopter and the most popular private use helicopter in the world. The Lycoming engine is rated at 225 horsepower. Our R44 Raven I has hydraulically boosted controls which reduce the feedback forces, giving it a smoother flight.

Student Rate: $500/Hour

R44 Helicopter

2014 Robinson R44 N31UP

Equipment & Accessories
• Engine – Lycoming O-540
• Interior - Leather seats

• Bubble windows

• Garmin 430

• Dual Comms


Robinson R44 Raven II

The R44 Raven II helicopter is a four seat helicopter and the most popular private use helicopter in the world. The Lycoming IO-540 engine is derated to 245 horsepower. The IO-540 delivers better altitude performance and increased capacity. Our R44 Raven II has hydraulically boosted controls which reduce the feedback forces, giving it a smoother flight.

Student Rate: $525/Hour


Robinson R44 Raven II

Equipment & Accessories
• Engine - Lycoming O-540
• Air conditioning
• Interior - Leather seats

• Garmin 430WAAS
• Side-mounted Garmin 796
• Dual comms
• IFR trainer

Robinson R22 Beta II N512GS

The Robinson R22 is a safe and stable trainer as well as the world’s most popular training helicopter.

Student Rate: $265 per hour

R22 Helicopter

Robinson R22 N512GS
New leather seats provide a comfortable ride. Equipped with a powerful Lycoming O-360 J2A engine, you will love the performance that this helicopter offers.

Equipment & Accessories
• Removable doors
• New leather seats
• USB charger

• Dual Comms

Robinson R22 Beta II N404TB

The Robinson R22 is a safe and stable trainer as well as the world’s most popular training helicopter. N404TB can also be used an IFR trainer and provides an extremely cost efficient option to complete your Helicopter Instrument or Add-On rating.

Student Rate: $265 per hour


R22 Helicopter

Robinson R22 N404TB
Equipped with a Lycoming O-360 J2A engine

Equipment & Accessories
• Removable doors
• USB charger

• Comm and Nav Radios
• Artificial Horizon, Directional Gyro and VOR

Diamond DA42-NG

This DA42 NG is a true technologically advanced aircraft (TAA) with similar safe and efficient systems found in turbo prop and turbine airliners or business jets. This plane truly sets the standard for advanced multi engine training to prepare you for your career in aviation. Receive your FAA multi engine rating in the DA42 and be prepared for it all. The advanced features and platinum interior package make this airplane a dream to train in.

Student Rate: $385 with block payment ($425 hourly)




Diamond DA42-NG
Equipment & Accessories
• FADEC controlled engine & props and switch
   for feathering.
• Turbocharged and intercooled diesel engines
• Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) certified
• Oxygen System
• Platinum Leather interior

• EICAS aural and visual notification system
• G1000 Avionics suite with GFC 7000 flight
   director and autopilot
• Synthetic Vision Techonology
• Nexrad weather
• Terrain
• Flight and taxi charts
• XM Radio

Cirrus SR22

The Cirrus SR22 is the world’s best-selling single-engine aircraft! The SR22 has fixed landing gear and cruises at 165 knots. N877CP is equipped with the Garmin Perspective with synthetic vision technology- allowing you to fly safer in all conditions. All Cirrus aircraft are equipped with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), an emergency parachute capable of lowering the entire aircraft and occupants to the ground in an emergency. This SR22 also features air-conditioning; a must for summertime in Florida!

Student Rate: $300 per hour

Cirrus Training/Transition Courses




Cirrus SR22

Cirrus SR22 - N877CP
Equipment & Accessories
• Engine Specs:IO-550-N,310 Horsepower
• Prop(s): Hartzell 3 Bladed
• Air Conditioning
• Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS)
• AmSafe Crew Seat Airbag Restraints
• Tinted Windows
• Rosen Sun Visors

• Cirrus Perspective Avionics Suite Including:
• WAAS GPS Receivers
• Garmin 12" LCD Displays
• Garmin Remote Transponder
   (Mode S upgrade)
• S-Tec 55X Autopilot
• Synthetic Vision Technology
• Avidyne Active Traffic System (TAS)
• Engine View Engine & Fuel Monitoring
• Enhanced Ground Proximity
  Warning System (TAWS-B)
• XM WX Datalink w/XM Audio
• Jeppesen Chartview Electronic Approach
• Garmin Safe Taxi
• Flight Director


The SR20 is the perfect dual-role airplane. Sporting 200 HP and a full Avidyne Advanced Cockpit, N923TL cruises at 140 KIAS with a low fuel burn. It’s easily manageable for training and perfectly suitable for business use. Known throughout the industry for its ballistic parachute recovery system (CAPS) this plane has a glass cockpit with primary flight displays on the left and a multi-function displays on the right. This SR20 is also equipped with dual Garmin 430 WAAS GPS units and offers an upgraded DFC 700 advanced three axis auto-pilot; airport information at your fingertips, a moving map with XM Satellite Weather overlay, and traffic collision avoidance information.

Student Rate: $225 per hour

Cirrus Training/Transition Courses







2005 Cirrus SR-20 N923TL

• Avidyne DFC90 Digital Autopilot
• Avidyne Entegra Color Primary Flight
  Display (PFD)
• Avidyne FlightMax EX500C Multi-Function
  Display (MFD)
• CMAX Chart View Electronic Approach Plates
• E TAWS Enhanced Terrain avoidance
  system, audible and displayed on MFD
• Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel
• Dual Garmin GNS 430W Color GPS/Nav/Com
• Skywatch Active Traffic System
  (displayed on MFD/PFD)
• WX 500 Stormscope and XM Weather
  (displayed on MFD/PFD)

Additional Features
• Cirrus Ariframe Parachute System
• Dual Batteries
• Rosen Sunvisors
• LoPresti Tri Tip Lighting
• Low Presti Boom Beam Light
• 3 Blade Prop
• 200 HP

Piper Arrow

The Piper Arrow is one of the best single engine commercial trainers. N1881H is an IFR equipped aircraft with retractable gear and a constant speed propeller. The cleanliness and interior condition of this airplane is unmatched. With a wingspan of 35 feet and fuel capacity of 77 gallons, this airplane will get you further than your average Piper Arrow airplane.

Student Rate: $165 per hour

Piper Arrow

Piper Arrow N1881H

Equipment & Accessories
• 200 HP Lycoming Engine
• Window Scoop
• 4 place intercom

• Dual VOR

1977 Piper Archer II

1977 Archer II
The Archer II is an all-aroundgreat airplane. Perfect for Private Pilot and Instrument flight training as well as cross country trip.
This airplane has a Garmin 430 and is IFR certified.

Student Rate: $128 per hour

Archer II

Archer II cockpit

1977 Piper Archer PA-28-181

Nice looking interior, fully IFR equipped, very good cruise speed with low fuel consumption. Great low wing trainer!

Equipment & Accessories
• King KX-155A NAV/COMM
• Garmin GTX320A Transponder
• Garmin GNS-430 NAV/COMM/Enroute GPS
• Bendix/King KN64 DME

Cessna 172S Nav III

Our 2006 Cessna 172S G1000 is IFR equipped with an integrated auto pilot and a Lycoming IO-360 engine. Enhance situational awareness with traffic and terrain awareness systems. Perfect for cross country and instrument training. This airplane has many features including the G1000 system with traffic and terrain, electric trim, and autopilot. An upgraded 180 HP engine makes VFR and IFR flying easier and more efficient. Pilot and passengers will enjoy comfortable leather seats while flying in an air conditioned aircraft, which makes flying all around more enjoyable in Florida.

Student Rate: $175 per hour


Cessna 172S


2006 Cessna 172S - N878SA

Equipment & Accessories
• 180 HP engine
• Air Conditioning
• Electric trim
• Backup instruments and a standby battery for G1000.

• 12 volt power outlet
• 4 place intercom
• Interior - Leather seats

• G1000 system with traffic and terrain awareness system and integrated transponder
• IFR equipped with a current database
• KAP 140 autopilot with altitude hold that is coupled to the G1000




Cessna 172R

Our Romeo model C172 is a durable trainer plane with a Garmin 430WAAS. Clean interior in great shape and perfect for instrument currency. This airplane likes to fly! Please make sure to request booking in advanced if you are set on training in one of our most popular Cessna airplanes.

Student Rate: $140 per hour




Cessna 172R

Cessna 172R cockpit

1999 Cessna 172R N2382R

Equipment & Accessories
• Shoulder harnesses
• 4 place intercom
• Autopilot can be coupled to Garmin 430
• Backup vacuum pump
• GoPro camera mount on top of the panel facing forward.

• Garmin 430WAAS

Cessna 172M
This upscale C172M has new paint and beautiful condition leather interior. N5201R is also an instrument trainer and the nicest Mike model airplane we have seen yet. Come see for yourself!

Student Rate: $130 per hour

Cessna 172N

1974 Cesnna 172M N5201R

Equipment & Accessories
• 2006 interior
• Leather seats
• 2006 paint
• Rosen sunvisors
• 4 place intercom system
• Powerflow Exhaust
• Cruise speed 110KTS 8GPH
• 34 Gallon Gas Tanks
• Useful load: 850

• Garmin 430WAAS
• Dual VORs

Cessna 172I

An ideal aircraft for VFR training, short trips, or currency flights. N702G is a very reliable airplane which makes for a perfect training aircraft. Very economical averaging a 6- 8 gallon per hour fuel burn. You will not find a better rate for a more reliable trainer airplane in the bay area!

Student Rate: $98 per hour

Cessna 172

1968 Cessna 172I - N702G

Equipment & Accessories
• Lycoming Engine
• Single VOR
• Removable window for aerial photography
• 2 place intercom

*All student rates are wet. Please call 727-461-5229 for commercial rates.

FlyIt Helicopter Simulator

The FlyIt simulator is an FAA approved helicopter simulator. This great training device can help students become more proficient in maneuvers at a reduced rate with almost ZERO operating costs. Emergency procedures and simulated instrument training can be performed in the simulator.

The entire helicopter simulator is supplied in an 18’ air conditioned trailer/classroom as a totally self-contained system, which eliminates the need for installation space.

The simulator is a two-seat, side-by-side cockpit with dual controls providing hands-on instruction for hovering and all flight maneuvering. A complete instrument panel is provided for visual and instrument training.

Student Rate: $100 per hour

FlyIt Simulator

FlyIt Simulator
Simulator is FAA approved as a generic instrument trainer. The cockpit size and structure is dimensionally similar to the MD 500/Bell 206 and comes standard with flight models for the MD 500, Bell 206, Bell 407, Schweizer 300, Enstrom 280 FX, Robinson R22, R44, and AS350 B2. All turbines have accurate turbine start and shut down. Hot starts and all other failures can be initiated by the instructor from the instructor’s hand held fault box from in the cockpit, at the instructor’s desk or standing behind the cockpit.

All switches and controls are hard mounted and replicate size, shape, color and location of those in the real aircraft.

The software provides an accurate flight-model including translational lift, ground effect, torque, auto-rotation, etc. Over 24,000 airports and all navigation aids are available.Standard and user-definable VFR and IFR weather conditions are included.

As a standard feature you can select instrument panels configured to replicate MD, Bell, Robinson, Enstrom and Schweizer model helicopters. Custom panels and cockpits are available as additions.

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