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American Champion Super Decathlon


Cessna 172I

1997 American Champion Super Decathlon N97LK

Introductory flights and packages available for Spin, Tailwheel and Aerobatic Training with our former Master Aerobatic CFI Tony Johnstone.

Located at KCLW

An ideal aircraft for aerobatic, spin and upset recovery training, CFI spin endorsement and getting your tail-wheel endorsement.  Flying aerobatics develops stick and rudder skills and helps pilots avoid and react to emergency situations and unusual attitudes. Fly and train with our Master CFI-Aerobatic, Tony Johnstone.

    • Equipment & Accessories
    • 180 HP Lycoming AEIO-360 Engine
    • Fuel Injected for inverted flight
    • Capable of +6 or -5 g’s
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