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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? How our CFIs and students have fared in the world of aviation.

At Tampa Bay Aviation we are training career pilots everyday.  After training with us, our students as well as Certified Flight Instructors have gone on to a variety of jobs from regional airline pilots flying jets all over the United States to helicopter pilots doing tours of the Grand Canyon and other tourists destinations as well as hauling freight, doing pipeline surveys and chasing predators by air. 

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Spin Training and Aerobatics

Get your Spin or Tailwheel Endorsement, learn to be a safer pilot or just see what it feels like to fly like the Red Baron.  Tampa Bay Aviation now has a Super Decathlon available for training.  The Super Decathlon is an ideal aircraft for aerobatic, spin and upset...

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Stall and Spin Training

We all know the basic spin recovery steps. The real question is could we execute them in the heat of the real thing as opposed to parroting back the steps on our checkride. This is where spin and upset training comes in. Our spin training lessons are just $399. In a good spin training course, you will

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