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Robinson R-22 Beta I with Powerflow Systems Tuned Exhaust Kit



1987 Robinson R22 Beta I with Power Flow Systems Tuned Exhaust Boost N26003

$255-270/Hour (wet)

Located at KCLW

The Robinson R22 is a safe and stable trainer as well as the world’s most popular training helicopter. The Power Flow Systems Exhaust Kit brings the performance of this Beta I up to R22 Beta II levels.  This Beta I performs like a Beta II for a lower hourly rate!   N26003 provides an extremely cost efficient option to complete your Helicopter Training.

Equipment & Accessories
• Removable doors

  • Avionics
    • Comm and Nav Radios
    • Artificial Horizon, Directional Gyro and VOR
  • Power Flow Systems Tuned Exhaust Boost Kit
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