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TBA’s Technologically Advanced Aircraft

Tampa Bay Aviation is now able to offer full training programs with technologically advanced aircraft (TAA). This means that career oriented students and anyone planning on purchasing or renting newer aircraft can receive the most beneficial training for their future in advanced cockpit systems. The future of aviation is here and it is in the form of glass panels, flight directors, autopilots, traffic and terrain awareness systems, synthetic vision technology paired with unparalleled FADEC controlled engine and propeller systems and additional advanced safety systems.
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Cirrus SR22




Tampa Bay Aviation... News and Press Releases

Opening Press Release June 18th 2012 ~ News and Press Releases

Tampa Bay Aviation
Clearwater Airpark
1000 N Hercules Ave
Clearwater, FL 33765

Tampa Bay Aviation
Albert Whitted Airport
540 1st Street Southeast
St. Petersburg, FL 33701


 (727) 461-5229

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