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TBA is 100% ADS-B Compliant!

Automatic Dependent Surveillance- Broadcast, commonly referred to as ADS-B, is a major component to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) overhaul of the United States airspace system.  This new satellite-based system will help pinpoint aircraft far more...

Save the Date

Are you looking for a fun filled evening? Check out the 5th annual Wine Wings and Wheels charitable event at the Clearwater Airpark on February 22nd  from 6-10 PM. TBA will be providing evening helicopter tours for an additional fee with a percentage of sales being...
Spin Training and Aerobatics

Spin Training and Aerobatics

Get your Spin or Tailwheel Endorsement, learn to be a safer pilot or just see what it feels like to fly like the Red Baron.  Tampa Bay Aviation now has a Super Decathlon available for training.  The Super Decathlon is an ideal aircraft for aerobatic, spin and upset...
Certified Flight Instructor Classes Forming Now

Certified Flight Instructor Classes Forming Now

Tampa Bay Aviation is now offering a 6-week Certified Flight Instructor group class on a rolling basis.  Our instructor has successfully coached more than 150 students to pass their CFI ride.  The course includes 36 hours of ground over the course of the first 4...


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