Complete Fixed Wing Training Programs

Tampa Bay Aviation accommodates all of our students by making training accessible to a wide range of lifestyles. We offer two different training options for our students: a self-paced program and an accelerated program. If you choose to train at your own pace, we recommend taking no less than 2 lessons per week for best results. For career-oriented individuals, we recommend our accelerated program which requires a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week. You can even schedule your flights online

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Technologically Advanced Aircraft Flight Training

Tampa Bay Aviation is one of the few aircraft training companies in the area to offer TAA and Cirrus Transition Training. Take your flight training to new heights with our advanced cockpit flight training program.

Technologically Advanced Aircraft Flight Training

Begin initial flight training in a Cirrus SR20 with an Avidyne glass cockpit. The 200 horsepower SR20 is a perfect initial training aircraft to get comfortable with private pilot maneuvers and VFR flights. After the completion of the private pilot program, pilots will transition into the high performance Cirrus SR22 for instrument training.

Learn advanced systems that will put your skills above the rest with patented safety features along the way. The SR22 is equipped with the Garmin Perspective panel, Synthetic Vision, XM weather and radio, autopilot, and thankfully, air conditioning. While highly advanced glass systems may be intimidating to some, their ease of use once learned does not require any additional familiarization other than that of conventional steam gauge aircraft.

TAA options are available in each of our flight training programs listed above.

Whether you are looking for a career in aviation or plan to purchase a newer airplane (most planes built after 2005 are glass cockpits), the TAA training course will make you a safer, more confident pilot.

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